How To Write A Five-Paragraph Essay?


What comes to your mind when you are assigned to write such paper? Probably, you think of those short texts that take only a few paragraphs that you had to write the tests and exams in school or college. Such works have a creative character, but, unlike common belief, they should contain not only your thoughts and ideas, but also proven facts, which clarify the problem to the reader, and demonstrate the correctness of a certain opinion.

What about a five paragraph essay? It is not different from other similar tasks because the idea of such paper is the same, and you just have to increase the volume of these paragraphs. In this article, we will tell you how to do this and how to write an excellent paper! This post will be useful not only for those who prefer to work on their tasks themselves but also for those students who prefer to buy essays online, to learn the general information about such assignment and know what to look for.

How To Cope With Such Task?

A standard essay consists of several parts, and in our case – 5. You should include the following sections to your work:

  • Intro – this is an opening section of your text where you will have to write about your topic, goals, the purpose of your paper, set leading questions, and write down a thesis statement.
  • The second section of your work aims to show your knowledge of the topic. Include your first point in this part of your text and provide facts or examples that support it.
  • The third paragraph, just like the second on, has to provide readers with another thought or idea and give information that proves the correctness of your statement.
  • The fourth paragraph is the culmination of your work. Here, you also have to present an idea and support it, but your point in this section can be less significant than the ones in the previous parts because the most valuable opinions should be presented closer to the beginning of your text.
  • The fifth section is the logical conclusion of the whole paper. You can make a brief reminder of what was mentioned above and draw a logical conclusion from it, but try to keep it clear and concise.

Practical Recommendation On How To Write A Good Essay!

You should follow the plan described above to create a good paper. An essay itself is a short paper, and thus, all ideas and thoughts have to be brief and clear, and such small volume of this task makes it harder to complete. That is why if you are not confident in your abilities, it will be wiser to buy essays online as it will save your nerves and time, and give confidence in a high grade!


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