How to write Compare & Contrast Essay


We could not learn much about things if we do not compare them to other things. Many persons, historical events, books, and movies are seen in other light when comparing them to others. That is why students need to write this kind of essays.

How to start writing such a paper? Start by writing a thesis and picking objects or persons to write about. They should be similar in many ways but also different enough. If two individuals do not have much in common, there is no point in comparing them even if there are a lot of differences between them.

What to compare and how to do it

There is a lot of things to compare in such essays. Buying a college essay or writing it by yourself? How the political program of the current president differs from the previous president’s program? What is similar in Harry Potter books and films?

Then you need to compare objects and make lists of points. There are two approaches, subject-by-subject, and point-by-point. The subject-by-subject approach means that you write about the first object, and then about the second. The point-by-point plan needs you to make a list of points and compare objects by focusing on all of this list items. It helps you to understand objects of your research better and focus not only on similarities and differences but also on their influence and meaning.

When you have the lists of similar and not similar points, you need to select the most relevant of them. Focus on the items, which are more meaningful, interesting, pertinent to the course, and informative. If you pick two persons, focus on what made them behave differently and defined their choices. If these are two events, you can look for differences that lead to known outcomes. Check that your list is connected with your central thesis.

When the main sections of your essay are ready, write a conclusion. It must show what you have learned about objects of your research, how similarities and differences influenced them, what similarities need to be mentioned in later research.

How to get attention of other people

Do not forget that there will be many readers and listeners of your essay. They may not clearly understand your point of view and what your paper can give them. That is why you need to explain it. Do not make just a list of similarities. Explain why you focus on them, what are their meaning, why you want to tell about these specific points. You need to highlight points that help not only to compare objects but also show your opinion and prove your arguments.

Check the requirements given by your teacher. Ask him or her about the structure and size of an essay, preferred topic or thesis. This is only basic advice, and you can learn more about these essays on the Internet websites.


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