How to write a research paper

Every university, college or school uses writing assignments to teach students formulate their thoughts and express their ideas in written form. While casual homework refers to material that scholars already studied at class, academic writing can require independent study of certain question or topic. There are many kinds of such tasks. Most common ones are essays, reports, research papers, etc. In this article we will discuss how to write a research paper, what it is, what structure it has, how to format it, and other issues.

Before you decided to go on the warpath and start writing your research paper, let’s first find out what it is and why students are assigned to write it. Research paper is common form of academic writing no plagiarism. Such works usually are between five and fifteen pages long. The purpose of this paper is to study given topic by conducting independent research, analyze and summarize data, create your viewpoint regarding it, and prove readers that your position is correct. Usually, such papers are assigned at universities and colleges, and can be presented as independent or group projects, as well as term paper.

How to do a research paper

Unlike essay, where student must express his point of view, writing a research paper requires more knowledge and possession of facts regarding chosen topic. Besides actual research process, when you must find lots of data, you also need to compare facts, analyze, discuss, provide evidences and make conclusions. This means that writing research paper isn’t so simple. If you decided to complete this assignment yourself, be ready for issues and lots of work.
To write high-quality work students must follow correct research paper format, which includes style of writing, usage of proper language, correct structure of text and many other. Correct structure of research work consists of introduction, method, results, discussion, conclusion and reference list. Many students start with writing introduction. At this point they will definitely face question what is research paper introduction. Good introduction is base and key to success of your work, so it should be approached respectively; properly written and formulated introduction should explain to readers three main things:

  • General overview of selected topic, problem and research questions; in this part describe why you decided to work with this specific issue and what problems in this fields weren’t resolved yet. Present your ideas and expectations. Define what findings were already done in this field, and how your research can be useful for science or practice.
  • After general presentation of your theme explain what purpose your project has. You should convince reader that further investigation of this particular matter was needed and that results that you expect to get at the end will help to resolve these problems.
  • At the end of introduction you need to define your position. Later, in main part of your work you’ll need to prove your point of view, so here you simply need to briefly highlight what you think regarding studied issue. For example, if you need to write research paper on abortion you should take clear position which can be neutral, positive, or vice versa negative.

Another common question is how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. Since it’s another valuable part of your future work you must do it the best you can; thesis statement must be brief, clear, interesting and logical. Follow our top tips to create brilliant statement:
Know what type of research paper you’re writing, it can be analytical, expository or argumentative, and depending on what you need to write your thesis statement will have different goals.
Thesis statement must be understandable and clear, specify what your research project is about, add your position and support it with some evidence.
Place your statement at the beginning of your paper.

Where to look for research paper help

If this is the first time you were assigned to conduct research and complete such paper, it’s normal if you feel stressed and don’t know where to start. Writing research papers is challenging and artistic, not every student has necessary skills, talents and knowledge to write it on his own; don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it!
For example you can visit some research paper writing service. Such platforms offer students to buy research papers or receive competent consultation. There’s nothing wrong if you want to buy research paper, because all students know how difficult it is to catch up with intense schedule of college life and how much stress such works can cause. Keep in mind that the quality of your future work will depend on reliability of the service that you choose, there are numerous platforms where students can come and ask “please, write my research paper” but not all of them are good.


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